Outstanding resolution and superior balance


As part of MCR’s ongoing commitment to provide their clients with the very best in broadcast technology, the company is pleased to be able to offer some of the latest of Canon’s innovative UHD lenses.

Canon’s CJ25E and CJ45E lenses not only achieve the outstanding resolution and grayscale characteristics that UHD images require, they also minimise colour blur, outline colouration and other aberrations to a high degree of accuracy. These lenses are designed to achieve superior balance between the high-grade resolution power and the contrast expected of UHD images, from the centre to the edges throughout the entire zoom range, in addition to offering high levels of operability and applicability.

Canon CJ25Ex7.6
A high-spec 2/3-inch 4K broadcast lens with 25x zoom with a built in 2x extender designed for 4K and HDTV broadcast.

Perfect for newsgatherers looking to capture footage of the highest quality, this compact and lightweight lens is a general-purpose 2/3-inch 25x standard zoom lens with a built-in 2x extender.

Canon CJ45Ex9.7B
The CJ45E establishes a new pinnacle for 4K-lens performance, packing this ultra-high zoom model with innovative, class-leading technology.

An ideal wildlife and live-sports lens, the CJ45E balances stunning optical performance with advanced technology features. Convenient operation and lightweight portability is allied with an impressive 45x zoom ratio.

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