Whether you need to supplement or complement the kit you already have or wish for something a bit unique, the camera you crave is a phone call away.


When you need the optimal lens for the perfect picture, MCR focuses on the latest and most fitting technology. MCR is the first in the UK to stock Canon’s UJ111 and 112 lenses.

Audio and Comms

Loudspeakers and mics, high-end digital mixing consoles and sound desks, our team’s knowledge of putting a good sound system together removes the risk factor.

RF Equipment

We have a range of RF equipment for all requirements; from live broadcast to video assist to film makers. We can supplement your existing RF inventory by adding the latest technology, whether you require RF kits, full wireless camera control, RF over SMPTE or single mode fibre, or even just a transmitter or receiver.


Our Blackmagic Hyperdeck, EVS and XT-3 SSD recorders are ideal for your larger projects, featuring continuous loop recording facilities, perfect integration and high speed.

Tripods and Grips

Magic arms, fluid heads, boost buttons and broadened payloads; we can hire out those studio production must-haves as well as the new kit on the market.

Media Storage

Our inventory features flexible and portable media storage choices, and SDS cards and drives in all formats of storage perfect for multi-camera and camcorder projects.


The BVM-X300 30 inch 4K OLED master monitor is the flagship model in Sony’s professional monitor line-up. It’s also in MCR’s line-up. We stock Sony, TV Logic and many others.



We offer lighting options across our entire portfolio of kit. From ENG style shoots, to rings, to light panels, our lighting options fully accompany our camera offerings.


Whether you need a Decimator, scan converter, SPG , legaliser or a top of the range Router or Vision Mixer MCR can provide.